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RMC knows that travel can be spiritual, exotic, adventurous, whimsical and surprising, and at the same time, professional, comfortable and safe. There is no greater privilege we can gift ourselves than the opportunity to explore the many unique cultures around the world. A travel experience is a treasure that will always be with you. It can’t be lost, stolen, or taken away. The more we share it, the richer it becomes.

We also know that when you combine sightseeing and touring with an international spiritual mission, you will have a special holiday.

Voluntourism Volunteer Vacations Are Meaningful Travel Experiences

This type of travel has now become known as “Voluntourism.” They are volunteer vacations that give back to the local community.

voluntourism group

Build a bed in a remote village in Costa Rica and deliver it to a child who sleeps on the floor. Visit an orphanage in Peru and connect with a child that has never known love, or experienced compassion from another. Spend a day in a village school in Mexico passing out paper, pens and books (something these children rarely see).

These special journeys are not simplified or watered down versions of traditional trips. They are very full, very active and allow the traveler opportunities to interact and participate in wonderful community volunteer programs, while journeying with a group of like-minded travelers enjoying a rich exchange of ideas while exploring some incredible touristic destinations.

Those engaged by these experiences are touched by what they see and do. To be able to get a little “extra” by combining touring with volunteering which creates a life-enriching trip that helps put life in perspective.

The group tours we help you plan can be as small as ten participants. If you are an education leader, organization head, author, speaker, etc. and would like more information about planning a Voluntourism journey, please click here to contact the RMC Group Desk.