Peru’s Spiritual Lake Titicaca Region

Peru Lake Titicaca TourThe internal energy of Peru Lake Titicaca region is incredibly powerful, making for a life-enriching journey for everyone who travels there.

Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Waters of the Inca Empire. Deep blue Lake Titicaca is so large it has waves and a surface area exceeding 3,100 square miles, not counting its more than 30 islands This is the most sacred body of water in the Inca Empire and is the natural separation between Peru and Bolivia.

 Here in this southern part of Peru we experience how age-old craft traditions have been preserved and passed down to people who still practice these timeless arts today. Immerse ourselves in Peruvian culture as we travel the country, learning about its history, architecture and artifacts.

 Highlights of our Volunteer program will be theMagic Dream Pillow” project to help the disadvantaged Peruvian children Participating in the “Mother’s Club”  program We will deliver beds to disadvantaged children in the “A Bed for Every Child” program and visit the Chincha Baja Project, an organization devoted to  persons with disabilities for families of all ages from children, the elderly and those with neurological and physical limitations.

 Tour Includes:

  • Airfare to Peru
  • Inter-Peru Flights
  • Other tour-related transportation in Peru
  • Roundtrip airport/hotel transfers, including luggage handling
  • Accommodations in First Class hotels
  • Hotel service charges and taxes
  • Daly breakfast
  • Other meals as per itinerary
  • All site entrance fees
  • Pre-paid Gratuities
  • Fully escorted and guided by local Peruvian Guides
  • All site entrance fees

Special Added Features

  • Visit to the Uros Floating Island
  • Optional coca leaf reading
  • Visit to the sacred Aramu Muru Doorway
  • The Inka Tunuhuire
  • Mysterious site of Cotimbo

Volunteer Projects in Lake Titicaca Southern Peru include

  • Work with the renowned service program known as “A Bed for Every Child.”  The children, typically sleeping on the floors of tiny dwellings made of tin and concrete blocks, are susceptible to all sorts of parasites and illness. These new beds are standard, simple design of sturdy bunk beds that often have to be broken down and then reassembled on-site inside the tiny homes. The children and their families participate with us in these projects and the joy touches the hearts of all involved.  The bed is typically the best piece of furniture the proud family now owns.
  • The “Dream Project” pairs you with a local student and together discuss the student’s dreams for this art project. We have found it to be a valuable opportunity in teaching children the value of dreaming: how important it is to have dreams, to wish for things, to have goals in life…..and how visualizing ones dreams in this way and keeping them near you while you sleep helps your dreams come true.
  • There will be Gift-Giving to children of poverty.  They have very little and are genuinely appreciative of even the smallest presents:  pens, pencils, crayons, markers, storybooks or educational toys, etc. that are great motivators for the kids.
  • Visit and participate in the Mother’s Club.  Local Peruvian mothers improve their lives by helping each other take care of their children while other mothers work making different handicrafts such as blankets, scarves, sweaters, finger puppets, etc.,  which allows them not only to earn an income, but enhance their own self-esteem.


(B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)

Day 1. Wednesday: Depart USA

Depart the USA in the evening for our overnight flight to Lima, Peru.  


Day 2. Thursday: To Puno and Chucuito  (D)

Arrive Lima and meet our local tour representative. Assistance to check in for your flight to Julica. Arrive and meet our local guide as you journey through the altiplano, or high plains south through Puno, port city on Lake Titicaca, to the quiet village of Chucuito. Arriving late afternoon at our hotel overlooking the beautiful shores of Lake Titicaca, there will be time to  relax and get used to the altitude. “Welcome to Peru”  dinner at the hotel. Overnight Chucuito.

Day 3, Friday: Lake Titicaca: Uros Islands & “Bed for Every Child” project (B/L/D)

After a delicious buffet breakfast, we depart to the lakeshore and board our launch to motor out onto the tranquil waters to the Uros Floating Islands, made of the totora reed that grows in the Lake, and named after the Uros people who inhabit them. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the small islands and see their richly-colored hand embroidered tapestries and rugs. Return to hotel for lunch. After lunch there will be a visit to the International Center for Children and Mothers and participate in  “A Bed for Every Child” service project. We will participate with the children and their families in building much-needed bunk beds for the children (assembled Lego style) and delivering them to their homes – an experience of a special love and joy that touches the hearts of all involved.  Overnight and dinner in Chucuito.

Day 4, Saturday: Lake Titicaca: “Dream Pillow” program and Inka Tunuhuire (B/D)

Start the day with the Magic Dream Pillow Project. Here we’ll be paired with a student and together discuss the student’s dreams for this art project. We have found it to be  a valuable opportunity to teach the children the value of dreaming: how important is to have dreams, to wish for things, to have goals in life…..and how visualizing ones dreams in this way and keeping them near you while you sleep helps your dreams come true. Using fabric, non-toxic paints and markers (travelers will bring them), the children create designs and affirmations, as well as put their names on their pillowcases. Sayings such things as Sweet Dreams, Dreams Come True, etc.  Each child will leave with a Dream Pillow.  We have found that this program gives these children an experience that can affect them very positively for years to come. Return to the hotel for lunch on your own before departing for the afternoon program –Inka Tunuhuire. Inka Tunuhuire is a place which is connected with Tiwanaku culture (Bolivia), we can see the monolith of the solar plexus, then doing a ceremonies to harmonize our energies and to liberate de huchay (heavu energy and to get the sami (good energy, besides, we can connect with the Apus using coca leaves. Return to the hotel. Overnight and dinner in Chucuito.

Day 5, Sunday: Lake Titicaca: “Mother’s Club” and optional Coca Leaf Reading  (B/D)

This  morning there is a special visit to the Mothers Club: It’s a group of Locals that have started a Cottage Industry in the region. They meet and work in a special place in Chucuito creating handicrafts  such as finger puppets . Theses in turn are taken to the small market near the Temple of Fertility to be purchased by tourists. The profit earned is for the family as a source of income. Also, a percentage of the funds earned go to the club as a reserve to assist any members who may need some financial help. Ironically you will now find many of these fingers puppets being exported to the States.The afternoon is free for independent activities or to have the optional opportunity to experience traditional Andean Coca Leaf Readings with a a local Aymara curandera (healer) or a local Quechua shaman. Overnight and dinner in Chucuito.

Day 6,  Monday:  Lake Titicaca:  Aramu Doorway and Copamaya  (B/L/D)

Did you miss sunrise yesterday? You still have a chance to rise early to greet the spectacular sunrise over the Lake. After breakfast drive south along the Pan-American Highway to visit a very interesting power spot, Aramu Muru’s Doorway. Upon arrival in the area, we sit in the Inca’s Sun Seat that faces the Lake to connect with its nurturing energies. Then walk along a large rock formation in the shape of a serpent and puma. It’s the rock to connect with the energies of the Lower and Middle Worlds. Then through a wonderland of strange natural rock formations, passing by the mysterious Valley of the Spirits and finally down to the Doorway. Here we will hear the story about the re-discovery of this ancient power spot and what mysterious energies it holds. And, open to it, try an individual meditation to connect with the otherworldly energies of this famous power spot! In the afternoon, it’s to Copamaya and an Aymara Community where we see Aymara Altars. Here we will have an opportunity to  interact and converse about all subjects such as, cooking, sharing and sharing lunch with them. We’ll conclude by initiating a “Llama Project”, a program by giving them to the community and breeding them until they are multiply.  This allows the Locals to harvest the fibre and start to produce sweaters, gloves or hats to sell, thus generating an income for the families. Overnight and dinner in Chucuito.

Day 7,  Tuesday,  Lake Titicaca:  Tour to  Cutimbo. (B/D)

After breakfast,  we drive to the mysterious site of Cutimbo, with its circular burial towers or chullpas, where you will see some of the most ancient architecture in all of the Andes – carvings on the chullpas of serpents and pumas, guardians of the lower and middle worlds, worshipped by the Inca and pre-Inca inhabitants. We’ll be able to go inside the towers to explore, a very “different” experience! Later return to hotel and free time for the balance of the day. Dinner at our hotel.

Day 8, Wednesday:  To Lima and onto Chincha (B/L/D)

An early flight to Lima where we are met at the airport and travel by coach for about 2 hours to Chincha, home of the Chincha Baja Project devoted to families and especially children with disabilities and neurological disorders. After checking into our hotel and lunch, we will meet with the children of the region and again do our Dream Pillow program. Dinner and overnight in Chincha.

Day  9, Thursday: In Chincha and return to Lima for return flight to USA (B/L/D)

A full day at the Project working with the children (*program to be discussed).  In the late afternoon, leave for Lima Airport with dinner prior to arrival at the airport.  Depart for the airport to board your late evening flight.

Day 10 Friday: TO USA

Morning arrival in the USA.

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